Rankings: Overall

Using the Rankings

Thanks to the kind technicians of the US Racquet Stringers Association for providing the racquet specs used in this survey of the racquets currently being offered by manufacturers.

Overall Rankings (Expert) Players of intermediate or greater strength should consult these racquet rankings.

Overall Rankings (Weak Player)

Rankings Under the Evaluation Criteria: These are the most useful rankings because they come directly from formula calculations.

Moment | Torque | Shock | Work | Shoulder Pull | Shoulder Crunch | Elbow Crunch | Wrist Crunch | Impact Force | Sweet Spot | Flex | Swingweight | Weight

High-Low-Average values for each of the Evaluation Criteria under all 5 Benchmark Conditions

Rankings under the Macro Criteria: Efficiency | Elbow Safety | Shoulder Safety | Wrist Safety | Dexterity

Manufacturer Report Card (see how your racquet ranks under the evaluation criteria)

Weighting Factors used in the rankings